This is a self test - all these questions are things you really should know before you sit module one. What I reckon is that you should do is this. Have a go at all the questions - then check your answers - then try it again at a later date - keep going until you get all these questions right.


Give an example of a monosaccharide  
Give an example of a disaccharide  
Give an example of a polysaccharide  
How many carbon atoms are there in a glycerol molecule  
Which biological molecule has glycerol in its structure  
What's the name of the bonds that hold saccharide molecules together in carbohydrates  
What's the name of the bonds that hold amino acids together  
What type of chemical reaction occurs when two monosaccharides join to form a disaccharide  
Which of these is an atom:
  • H2O
  • CO2
  • C
  • C6H12O6
What type of chemical reaction occurs when a triglyceride is broken into glycerol and fatty acid molecules.  
In which molecule would you find ester bonds?  
What is the main additional element present in proteins but not carbohydrates or lipids  
Describe how you could perform a test to detect the presence of lipids  
What level of protein structure determines the overall three dimensional shape of a polypeptide?  
What feature do carbohydrates and proteins have in common that lipids do not have.  
Give one function of triglyceride fats in living organisms  
What is the name of the reagent used in the protein test?  
How many carbon molecules are there in a molecule of glucose  
When seperating a mixture of amino acids using chromatography what properties of the amino acids cause them to seperate on the chromatography paper?  
The presence of what turns iodine blue/black?  
How many micrometres in a millimetre  
Give the main functions of the following organelles:
  • Mitochondrion
  • Chloroplast
  • Nucleus
  • RER
  • Ribosomes
  • SER
  • Golgi Apparatus
  • Cell Membrane
What type of cells are bacteria  
Give the advantages and disadvantages of using electron microscopes to view cells  
What are microvilli?  
Where does the construction of a polypeptide occur?  
What might you find in a lysosome?  
What are the components of the fluid mosaic membrane  
Give two functions of proteins in membranes  
If you were using centrifugation to seperate cell organelles from a mixture which organelles would you expect to sediment out first?  
Through which part of the membrane do things move by active transport?  
What is meant by the term osmosis  
Give two differences and one similarity between facillitated diffusion and active transport  
If a plant cell has a WP of -560 kPa and an OP of -600 kPa, what would its wall pressure be?  
If a red blood cell bursts when placed in a solution of distilled water (WP=0) Why doesn't a plant cell?  
Why do small animals like shrews have to have a high metobolic rate to keep warm.  
What feature do specialised gas exchange surfaces share  
Why is it more difficult to ventilate gills than lungs  
Which muscles are involved in inspiration in humans  
What keeps the trachea open in humans?  
Why do desert plants have less stomata than plants found in marshy areas?  
In humans what is the path of an oxygen molecules from the mouth to the alveoli  
What is the main cause of expiration in humans?  
What are the main gas exchange structures in bony fish?  
Explain what happens to an enzyme molecule when it is denatured by high temperatures.  
Why does an enzyme only speed up one (or at the most a few) different chemical reaction(s)?  
How do enzymes speed up the rate of chemical reactions  
Describe the effect of increasing substrate concentration on the rate of an enzyme controlled reaction  
Why would increasing the temperature from 15 to 25 degrees increase the rate of an enzyme controlled reaction  
Using you knowledge of enzyme structure explain how a non-competitive inhibitor works  


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