Bullet point notes




      oestrogen stimulates LH production

      LH produced by pituitary gland

      LH stimulates ovulation

      LH stimulates formation of corpus luteum

      LH stimulates production of progesterone (by corpus luteum)

      progesterone maintains / thickens uterine lining

      LH inhibits FSH production

      without ovulation there is no egg release / no egg to fertilise


      stimulates growth / development of follicle;

      stimulates secretion of oestrogen;

      enhances effect of LH in stimulating ovulation;


      stimulates (final) development of follicle;

      stimulates ovulation;

      stimulates development of corpus luteum;

      stimulates production of progesterone / corpus luteum produces progesterone.


      stimulates repair / proliferation of uterine lining;

      (as it rises in concentration) it inhibits FSH;

      eventually positive feedback on FSH;

      (as it peaks its concentration) it stimulates release of LH:


      maintains / proliferates the uterine lining;

      inhibits release of FSH;

      inhibits release of LH;

      fall in progesterone results in menstruation;

      fall in progesterone removes inhibition of FSH and new cycle commences;



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