1. Fur colour in the Canadian Bigfoot is controlled by three alleles Cb, Cr, and c. (c is recessive)

A black-coated male mated with a red-coated female over a number of years, producing a family of ten offspring; 2 black, 3 red, 2 chestnut (a mixture of black and red hairs), and 3 white.

(a) What term would you use to describe the alleles Cb and Cr ? 


What is the genotype of the white-coated offspring?


(c) What are the genotypes of the two parents?
and (1)


What ratio would you have predicted for the four phenotypes listed above, and why does this family not show precisely that? 


  If two chestnut coated bigfoot mated, what would the probability be of their first baby also being Chestnut coated?

Neil Edwards, Hutton Grammar School, Preston