Here's some stuff which may help with Health and disease


Acetates Handouts LINKS
BYO8 synoptic content Bacteria, viruses & fungi Practical pics.
Aetiology Viral diseases web links for  coursework
Disease types & epidemiology Flu coursework year results
Screening Fungal diseases Wildfire epidemic simulation
Screening & diagnostic tests Salmonella Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Causes of communicable disease Cancer
Bacterial infections Bronchitis & emphysema
Sterilisation Downs syndrome & cystic fibrosis
Causes of cancer Diabetes
Carcinogens Exercise & nutrition
Cancer Multiple Sclerosis
Asthma & emphysema Transplants
Bronchitis & emphysema Transplant Q's
Atherosclerosis Exam answer bullet points
Downs syndrome & cystic fibrosis Antiseptics & disinfectants
Active & passive immunity Exercise & Diet
Measles polio & CHD incidence